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Helping people with autism while you look stylish. 

DTailsULike by Jennifer DV is made for women like you, petite with great sense of style, looking to look good, gorgeous and in fashion all the time. You will impress many with our colorful, dainty unique handmade fashion jewelry made by a puertorrican women. 

You are sophisticated like our crystals, pearls, semi-precious stones, and leather pieces.  You are a piece of art, you deserve all the attention.  You are looking to invest in something durable that is why we use high quality materials. 

You are our favorite celebrity and you look like one. DTailsULike have been worn by Gina Rodriguez (Jane) on Jane The Virgin; Chelsea Kane (Riley) on Baby Daddy; Amanda Leighton (Emma) on The Fosters; and Meredith Holzman (Naomi Zeigler) on Law and Order SVU Season 18 finale. Check more about this collection 


You are helping people with autism while you sparkle. 10% of DTailsULike annual sales goes to charities that serve people with autism. All our sales support therapies and services. We have donated to Alianza de Autismo de Puerto Rico, Autism Chalk Festival, Kindling Studios, Spectrum Laboratories and Celebrate Autism.