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Alena In Arrow Wears Handmade Jewelry By DTailsULike

The crew of arrow was under a lot of stress as Cayden James was about to destroy the city with a thermobaric bomb, but Alena still knew how to dress. In Arrow HQ season 6 episode 13 Alena and Felicity were in Arrow HQ with Alena sporting DTailsULike handmade jewelery. This totally fits who Alena is, since she wants to screw over big capatilist companies, handmade jewelery with inspected Pearl's helping regular people is totally who she is to the core.

When Oliver walked in and  said there was only 4 hours until detonation and destruction of the city, Alena didn't miss a beat. Alena who has been very deep in the helix hacktivists group before knows how Cayden James thinks and moreso how humans thinks.

She explained that "you are trying to reason with cayden by proving Arrow didn't kill his son."

"That's because, that's the only play we have" said an irritated John.

Alena is always several steps of everyone else, and in this pivotal moment she was wearing dtailsulike jewelery around her neck. She said wise words wearing our beautiful jewelry "I am just saying what if the man is beyond reason?" This is something Team Arrow hadn't considered, but John is good with his quick one-liner comebacks "then that's a risk we will have to take."


Alena was right about her jewelery choice and her statement. Some people are beyond reason. When you have enlisted the russian mob and many others in to your plan, you may very well be beyond reason, or rather reason is beyond you, because even if you hear it, it sometimes  can  be useless because you're in too deep. 

If you like Arrow, you should buy the same Jewelry Alena wore, so if you can't hack or kick ass like Alena, at least you can accessorize like her. 

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