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Autism is close to my heart, so close, my son has autism. That is the reason I give 10% of our annual sales to root grass nonprofit entities. 

As a woman I love jewelry and as a mom of an adult with autism, I wanted to have something unique, durable and fashionable to show my love to someone with autism. I looked around but nothing was quite to my taste of minimalist, sophisticated style. So, I created my own Autism Awareness Jewelry 

Discover and Enjoy 

  • Sterling Silver components
  • Gorgeous crystals
  • Unique designs
  • Pearls, yes cultured pearls dyed in autism ribbon colors 
  • If you identify with light up blue, it's ok I have blue for you 
  • Puzzle or not Puzzle it's a personal preference and I have something for you.

The best part is I can personalize anything to your style and preferences.