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Mermaid Pearls Wrap

  • $ 55.00

Casual yet elegant and trendy! Have fun wearing this modern twist to the classic pearl bracelet. 

 You will be showing off 21 genuine freshwater pearls to complete this casual and classy look

 Pearl Information

  • Size: 7mm – 8.5 mm
  • Color: White 
  • Shape: baroque
  • Surface quality: clean
  • General quality: AAA

Other material:  mermaid seed beads 

Setting Information:

  • Stainless Steel Coil

This makes an excellent gift too

Each of our pearls is inspected for quality by our certified pearl specialist. Jennifer is a proud member of the prestigious Cultured Pearl Association of America -CPAA- . Due to its natural color, it's normal to see a slight difference in the orient color.

We specialize in providing handpicked quality pearls at an affordable price eliminating retail markup. Our promise to you… best prices, high quality, fashionable pearl jewelry handmade with attention to details and craftsmanship.

Why buy handmade? You can personalize to your choice. You know is made with attention to details. You know the designer and crafter. You are helping people with autism.

My Statement on Pearls

I love to use pearls, it's a family tradition. I remember my mom wearing them and she was beautiful!  I love to wear them all the time. Pearls make me feel elegant even in my jeans.  You will always look elegant, sophisticated and beautiful with them. Pearls are the perfect gift, you can't go wrong with them. They are timeless, durable, and represent elegance, sophistication, class. She will love them. You will love them.

Pearls make me remember nature’s way to transform something unwanted into something very precious and wanted. I use pearls all de time because they add sophistication and elegance to any style. I love pearls!

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