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Tea Herbal Blends
Tea Herbal Blends
Tea Herbal Blends

Tea Herbal Blends

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Our clinical herbalist prepares a unique blend of herbs for tea to promote your wellness goals. Select from our selection of unique blends prepared in house by our clinical herbalist.  Made without harsh chemicals and using natural or organic ingredients. Our blends will not only promote a relaxing or energized experience, but they will also help your general wellbeing. I use a holistic approach to create all my herbal blends. 

 Select one of the followings:

  • Relaxing (Cooling blend)
  • Relaxing (Warming blend)
  • Energizing (warming blend)
  • Energizing (cooling blend)
  • Detox & Relaxing (cooling blend)
  • Detox & Relaxing (warming blend)
  • Detox & Energizing (cooling blend)
  • Detox & Energizing (warming blend)
  • Breathwell (cooling blend)
  • Breathwell (warming blend)
  • clearmind&focus (cooling blend)
  • clearmind&focus (warming blend)
  • PMS (cooling blend)
  • PMS (warming blend) 
  • untiemymuscle (cooling blend)
  • myshild (cooling blend)
  • Myshild (warming blend)
  • unwindmymind (cooling blend)
  • unwindmymind (warming blend)
  • nomorecountingsheeps (Strong-cooling blend)
  • nomorecountingsheeps (Strong-warming blend)
  • afterthegym (cooling blend)
  • afterthegym (warming blend)
  • mildnomorecountingsheep (mild- cooling blend)
  • mildnomorecountingsheep (mild-warming blend)

*These blends are NOT recommended for individuals with health conditions or using prescriptions. Please select a consultation with Jennifer for a unique blend suitable to your current needs. Always consult your physician BEFORE adding a herbal blend to your wellness routine.   

**These blends are for people looking for a herbal experience that will help them restore their body balance after a regular day or unexpected situation. DON USE if you are taking medications. Always consult your physician BEFORE adding a herbal blend to your wellness routine.   


  • if you would like a personalized blend to promote take care of your health and promote natural holistic healing just contact Jennifer Please note this option requires an assessment with our clinical herbalist, for more information visit our holistic wellness page 



My promise to you: 
 No unhealthy preservatives or harmful chemicals are used- ever! We search to find the purest, most natural or organic, healthy ingredients! Each and every product is made by hand, in small batches. So you can enjoy them, and yourself, at its very best!

All information on this site is for educational purposes only. It has not been evaluated by the FDA. We recommend consulting a medical professional before using if you are pregnant, nursing, have certain medical conditions, or for young children. We also recommend patch testing all products before using. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. We are not responsible for adverse reactions of any kind. Please ask any questions you have before ordering. We are more than happy to help! 


Tea Herbal Blends